Fun Art on Pretty Pastel Nails

Fun Art on Pretty Pastel Nails

One of the best things about summer is the hip and trendy look from clothing, shoes and accessories. This season’s current craze is pastel colors. Soft, delicate, creamy, and light colors that exude a feminine appeal. Women love to paint their nails according to what’s on the trend to complement their pretty summer dresses and comfy, stylish sandals. To keep you up with the season’s fashion, we are giving you tips on how to get fun and fabulous pastel nails with fun art.


The Fun Pastel Nails

 Fun Art on Pretty Pastel Nails

This style is suitable for young girls with its various decorations of things that they like: food, flowers, fruits, cartoon characters, and more. Young girls can pull-off this pastel nails style on any day including special events.

Fun Art on Pretty Pastel Nails

How to do it? Clean your nails using the Dermatouch Manicure & Pedicure Set ($30.00) sold at Kohl’s. Next, apply pastel colored nail polish on your nails using the Pink Cookie Duo Lip Gloss & Nail Polish Set($10.40) from Kohl’s. The set has six different pastel colors for you to choose from. What’s more fun than mixing and matching your nail with your lip gloss color? You may apply one color for all nails or a different color for each nail.

Fun Art on Pretty Pastel Nails

Place the nail décor on top of your dried nails. The 10Pcs Nail Art Care Fruit Flower Animal Decoration Stick Tips Accessories ($1.02) from eBay is a great choice. One design for all nails or a different one for each nail – it’s all up to you to decide. Apply a clear top coat over the nails to lock the décor so it will not fade or chip easily.

Fun Art on Pretty Pastel Nails

Be proud to show off your artwork to your girlfriends next time you see them. They will surely ask you to paint their nails too to get fun pastel nails like you do.


The Luxurious Pastel Nails

 Fun Art on Pretty Pastel Nails

This nail design can be worn almost anywhere. The rhinestone décor put a glam on the trendy pastel colors of your nails that are best to display in thong sandals or wedges. You can wear this design from day to night and will never go wrong with any outfit that you choose.

Fun Art on Pretty Pastel Nails

You don’t need the help of an expert with this style. As long as you know how to apply pastel nail polish properly then you will be fine. If you like, you can invite friends for a weekend spa party so you can do each other’s pastel nails while talking about boys, fashion, movies, and any stuff that you like.

Fun Art on Pretty Pastel Nails

Be sure to put the rhinestone stud while your nails are still wet. Use a tweezer like the 2 Pro Nail Art Rhinestone Tweezer Nipper Picking Tool Nail Art Accessories ($1.29) from eBay to place the rhinestone properly and avoid smudging the still wet nail polish. We recommend that you choose 2MM 3MM Round Metal 3D Nail Art Decoration Rhinestones Studs Accessories Wheel ($3.69) also from eBay because it contains rhinestone with various colors and sizes. Apply a clear top coat over the rhinestones to lock them in your nails.


The Celebrity Pastel Nails

 Fun Art on Pretty Pastel Nails

What’s great about this style is the sparkling effect made by the colorful glitters on your pastel nails. You don’t need a ring or a bracelet when you wear this design because your nails are already a fabulous accessory.

Fun Art on Pretty Pastel Nails

This is easy to do because you just dab a sponge on the mixture of different-colored glitters from Nail art X12 Hexagon Glitter Glass Mini bottles Manicure Decoration Accessories ($1.59) from eBay and wipe them on the tips of your nails (see image) or the base of your nails for glittery effect. Apply a quick-dry clear top coat like the essie Grow No Chips Ahead Top Coat Polish ($8.50) from Kohl’s over the nails and air dry for 3 to 5 minutes or until polish will no longer smudge when touched.

Fun Art on Pretty Pastel Nails

Voila! Your nails will be the envy of every woman that you met. With celebrity pastel nails, guys won’t help but notice you. After all, who can resist a pretty woman with hot nails such as you!


The Polka Dot Pastel Nails

 Fun Art on Pretty Pastel Nails

Polka dots really looked pretty as a design on your pastel nails. This no-fuss nail design will not be easily damaged when you’re doing paper works at the office, not like rhinestone studs that can be removed when with the edge of a paper. You can use a single pastel nail color as base coat for all your nails to get a more professional look if you’ll be wearing this design to the office.

Fun Art on Pretty Pastel Nails

Reserve the multi-colored nails for casual days. 6 Full Kleancolor Pastel Collection nail polish lacquer set ($9.65) at eBay is absolutely the perfect deal you need to stand out.


Fun Art on Pretty Pastel Nails

You can change your pastel nails anytime you want using the NEW Nail Gel Polish Remover Wipes 200pcs/Box Hot Sale Nail Art Accessories ($10.99) sold at eBay. After applying pastel nail color on your nails, draw dots on your nails by dipping the edge of the brush in white nail polish like China Glaze Nail Polish Lacquer White Out 0.5 oz, 15ml – 70276 ($3.95) from eBay and dab it lightly over the nails. Always apply a quick-dry coat when you’re done and air dry for 2 to 3 minutes. This style can also be done on reverse: pastel nails and white dots and white nails with pastel dots.

Fun Art on Pretty Pastel Nails

Keep your manicure set, nail polish, and fun art designs in the Mimosa by Rosetti Trisha Nail Polish Tote Sale  ($45.50) from Kohl’s so that you can access them easily whenever you are in the mood to change pastel nails with a different design.

Fun Art on Pretty Pastel Nails

Show up to a party wearing your best summer dress and accessorize with earrings and a clutch. Your nails are brilliant enough to catch attentions. People will gush about how fabulous your pastel nails are!

Best to get all the products or similar to the products mentioned so you can easily change designs whenever you want. Buying them will not cost you much when you make use of shopping coupons. You can avail great deals for these products from eBay and Kohl’s by using our Kohls PromoCodes and eBay Coupons. Enjoy the whole summer season with trendy pastel nails without spending so much! Do your shopping now!

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10 Top Must-haves for Hot Summer 2016

Summer is coming and it is the best season for clothes! Do you agree? It is all about light and elegant floaty dresses, lots of skin exposed, stylish accessories and just effortless chic style. It is so easy that we can find something not only super cool but also comfortable to wear during a hot summer day without over-thinking. This is the reasons why designers totally love summer fashion and go crazy with prints and styles for this season. And women have multiple choices of dress, jeans, sandal, sunglasses to enjoy hot summer. Well, if this is you, you will be happy to know that there are 10 core items that should not miss from your wardrobe and that will become the keys to all your summer outfits!


The maxi dress is a fashion trend that has been around for some years and will stay also for the coming ones for sure. We could say that it is the easiest way to look chic and the ultimate comfortable summer outfit. It is probably one of the most versatile items a woman could own, as it can go from the pool to a party with real ease and you can literally wear it with anything. This summer follows the latest fashion trend and go for bold horizontal stripes for a très chic look. Wear it then with a pair of flat sandals to get an effortless style and a chunky bangle and a maxi pair of sunglasses for a more diva look. I hope you are now conviced about the importante of a maxi dress for the summer and, if so, get one right now with a coupon and you will be able to use it for the next 5 summers at least!


They could be in denim, sequins or printed, but a pair of shorts should never miss from your  wardrobe. You can create a great and fresh summer outfit just with a pair of denim shorts, a large and light blouse (or a crop top, if you want to follow the latest fashion trend) and some colorful jewelry. You can then decide to dress it up with a pair of wedges or down with some flip-flops and you have a great outfit for every occasion!

Milanoo Shorts ($25.99)


A jumpsuit is definitely the easy and comfortable alternative to the classic sundress that we all know. It comes in many styles and shapes so you will definitely be able to find one that flatters your body and suits your shape. If you have great shoulders and want to go for a sexy look, choose a strapless jumpsuit and then accessorize it with some ethnic jewelry and accessories.

Amazon Jumpsuits ($21.99). Get it with an Amazon coupon and save money!


If you are brave enough, go for a printed or really colorful bikini this summer! You can either choose a retro mood, with a high waist bikini which is one of the fashion trends of this season, or a really provocative low waist one. Wear it with a light and sheer caftan on top and you get a great summer outfit to go to the beach!

Target (from $14.99)


One-piece swimsuits are back in vogue for this summer and they are perfect if you don’t feel totally comfortable in showing too much skin also at the seaside. They are really retro and if you get a structured one it will also define your shape and flatter your curves!

Milanoo ($ 16.99 – online price)


A pair of maxi sunglasses will make you look like a chic diva instantly. They will glamorize any summer outfit and they are a great cover for when you want to look at that hot lifeguard on the beach without being noticed! If you want to go for something more sporty choose a pair of aviator sunglasses, whereas if you want to add an element of fun opt for some fun and colorful ones!  You can find sunglasses you love at Sunglasshut ( and don’t forget to check out its coupons for savings)

SunglassHut ($200)


A beach tote is another essential item for summer fashion. It could be either in straw or cotton, the important thing is that it has to be really chic and big, perfect for containing all that you need for the beach and never again loose anything in the sand!

$13.89 at Amazon


The purpose of a hat is not only to repair from the sun and prevent an insolation, but also to give some character to your look and add that extra glamor to every summer outfit. Go for a large floppy hat this summer to feel fabulous also at the beach, worn with a caftan and a pair of glamorous flat sandals!

Oasap Floppy Hat ($10.99). Get it with a coupon!


Invest in a pair of neutral color flat sandals and you will be able to wear them for the whole season and with every outfit. They will become your best solutions for every look and they also don’t take up too much space in the suitcase, so you will me able to bring them anywhere with you!


Wedges are great for summer fashion because they combine 2 essential elements: they give height and they are comfortable. They are really versatile and you will be able to wear them from day to night. Go for a  pair of neutral wedges to wear with a super colorful dress, or for some strappy colorful ones to spice up a summer outfit!